How to form an RKNA Inc. USA club

Are you interested in forming an RKNA Inc. USA Club to host events, promote the breed, find others with common interests and goals?

RKNA Inc. member clubs can be found in the USA.  We offer membership for Full member clubs ($100.00) and for Associate member clubs (No Cost).   New Club applications can be found in the Document Library.

2018 New Club Application fillable 3

BYLAWS Article 7.
RKNA “Member Club” Application for Membership.
To become a Full Member Club of the RKNA Inc. the club must:

  1. Provide an Application of Intent in writing to the Executive Board as outlined in the policy manual.
  2. The Application of Intent must be accompanied by a list of three (3) RKNA Inc. Members in good standing who support the application.
  3. The requirements for the Application of Intent shall be defined in the RKNA Policy Manual. ( See below for Policy information)
  4. Pay the designated Club Membership dues once the application has been approved.
  5. Agree to adhere to the By-Laws of the RKNA Inc., follow the RKNA Policy Manual, and follow all other policies and directives as set forth by the RKNA Executive Board.

Policy Manual:
Application of Intent to form a Full Member Club or Associate Club.

Send an email to the RKNA Inc. Secretary stating (I) intention to form a RKNA club, (ii) name of club, (iii) list of a minimum of three to five club members outlining their experience in the Rottweiler and in hosting or participating in events, location your club will operate in, purpose of the club and the events it intends to host.

Name of Club:
The club name cannot contain the word “schutzund” and must contain the word “Rottweiler”. The proposed club name cannot be a club name already in use by a RKNA Inc.  club. If the club is in an area of an existing club a region or location maybe be required in the name.

If required by the Executive Board the club shall complete the RKNA Inc.  forming club paperwork packages found on the RKNA Inc.  website. This package can be completed over the phone with a Regional Director. There is no pass or fail and an event can be scheduled as soon as the packages have been completed.

Bylaws Article 7
There shall be two (2) types of Club Memberships:

Full Club Membership

  1. A Full Local Club Membership is approved and sanctioned by the RKNA to conduct ADRK style breed shows, Standard Evaluations (SE), Zuchttauglichkeitsprufung (ZTP), IPO Trials, and other events sanctioned by the RKNA.
  2. A Full Local Club Member hall have a minimum of three (3) adult members age eighteen (18) years of age or older.

All Full Club Member club presidents and trial and event secretaries must be members of the RKNA in good standing.

Associate Member Club Membership

  1. An Associate Club Member club cannot hold Breed Shows, IPO trials, SE or ZTP events.
  2. An Associate Club Member club can hold Seminars, Workshops and other events upon the approval of the RKNA Executive Board.

An Associate Club Membership can be upgraded to Full Club Membership after an Application of Intent has been received and approved by the Executive Board. The RKNA Inc.  Policy Manual will outline further requirements, expectations, procedures and rights of Member Clubs.