What we offer

What we offer for the Rottweiler Enthusiast.

RKNA host events which include the following for members and the public:

  • ADRK style conformation shows with judges licensed with ADRK, FCI, and RKNA Inc.
  • ADRK Scorebooks for members
  • Standard Evaluations (SE)
  • ADRK BSE Certificates when evaluated by ADRK judges.   
  • Breed Suitability Tests (Ztp)
  • Advanced Breed Tests (Korung)
  • IPO Trials for the Rottweiler with IPO judges licensed with ADRK, DVG America, RKNA Inc.
  • Tracking tests for FH degree
  • Endurance tests for AD award
  • Obedience/traffic sure test for BH degree
  • Other activities to ensure the development and maintenance of the Rottweiler as a working breed.
From the events we host, RKNA has structured an Award Program to recognize the achievements of its members. Currently, we offer:
  • Youth Champion,
  • Adult Champion
  • Elite Champion which is recognized by the ADRK, this title will allow RKNA members to enter the Championship class at the ADRK Klub Sieger.
  • RKNA also offers awards for the Working Rottweiler with our Merit and Versatility awards, we have an IPO3 club to showcase the Rottweilers who have achieved this level.
  • Certified Health Awards for members who obtain Health Clearances on their Rottweilers.
In 2018 the RKNA developed a Board elected position of Breed Warden, our program is geared toward educating and encouraging RKNA members and supporters to obtain health clearances on the dogs used in sport performance, breeding programs and to buy from breeders who do. The Standard Evaluation offered by the RKNA is an important part of our breed program, as it evaluates the Rottweiler’s conformation, temperament, and soundness.

Membership is open to all countries. Join RKNA today and support the Rottweiler!

    • RKNA Inc. events are sanctioned and approved by RKNA Inc..

    • RKNA Inc. is a proud member of the ADRK World Family.